“Persistence and Innovations. Platform capitalism on new terrain” presented by UNIBO at DN25 (Tyumen, Nov 12th)

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Our partner, Mattia Frapporti (UNIBO) participated the Conference titled “Global Dispositives. From #Digital Revolution to the #NewSilkRoad. Infrastructures and Discursive Imaginaries of Geopolitical Realities.” (Tyumen, Nov 12th), presenting the speech “Persistence and Innovations. Platform capitalism on new terrain”, focused in these aspects:

  1. The genealogy of platform capitalism with a critic on the paradigm of the “industrial revolution 4.0” delving into the historical provenience of platforms and the dynamics of works they include.
  2. Labor in contemporary capitalism showing how hypermodern and archaic form of labor are now living together within the new algorithmic management. New forms of struggles and platform workers organizations taken into account.
  3. The analysis of the urban spaces where these dynamics take place. Within contemporary capitalism, metropolis fully reach the role of urban factory, where platforms could take advantages from a potentially unlimited source of workers.

This participation has allowed the PLUS project partner to collaborate and make its knowledge and research known on an international level.

Conference website link: https://discourseanalysis.net/en/DN25/Welcome

Image source: #DN25 Conference website


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