PLUS project results discussed at a SopoLab at the Ministry of Social Affairs to 40 policy makers, in Tallinn.

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On the 16th of December Marge Unt and Kairit Kall from Tallinn University introduced and discussed the results of PLUS project at a SopoLab at the Ministry of Social Affairs to 40 policy makers.

In the background of the proposed Directive by the European Commission on 9th December, the platform labour and related rights is on high agenda in Estonia. Prof. Unt and Dr. Kall were invited to speak by the Deputy Secretary General on Labour and Employment Policy of the ministry and introduced the policy brief, results of WP2 and WP6 as well as the policy recommendations. The insights from PLUS project concerning Estonia received very high interests as the voice of platform workers is clearly underrepresented in Estonia which sparks out with low trade union density and few labour strikes in Europe. The Ministry of Social Affairs would also very much welcome a follow up seminar on insights from comparative perspective and the best practices concerning the regulation of platform labour in times of pressure on the budget of welfare state.

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