The report tries to answer to a grid of several common questions for every city, in order to depict a comparable analysis of the overall situation. Firstly, we will frame the “platform economy urban background” in order to present the general conditions in every city before Covid-19 breakthrough. This section will take advantage from the investigation that all PLUS partners already did in the previous months.

Secondly, we will describe the “Covid-19 impact” in each country and the measures implemented by institutions. Due to the courses of infections, government and sometimes local measures have been heterogenous and Covid-19 Impact on Platform Economy calibrated case by case, so that it is crucial to be aware of the variety of local conditions.

Thirdly, we will focus on “platforms reaction”. As stated above, platforms suffered from the pandemic impact in very different manners. Furthermore, same platform reacted differently according to the city. Thus, this section aims to depict an in-depth snapshot of each PLUS city.

Eventually, fourth section is centred on “looking forward” to potential scenarios opened up by the pandemic and containment measures. It will implement hypotheses on how platform economy will change in each city during the next months and years, which new structural features concerning “platforms worlds” Covid-19 impact disclosed, which public debates are following the pandemic crisis, and beyond.

Finally, we will sketch some conclusions both to underline differences and commonalities between case studies, and to hypothesize some
general tendencies.

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