Platform Urbanism

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The intersection between urban transformations and the increasingly widespread advent of the platform (as a metaphor, as a business model, as an index of processes induced by new technologies and industry 4.0) is a crucial link in our times.

Are cities becoming hardware and digital platforms in your software?
Are the web and the big multinationals of high technology the avatars of the new urban actors? What conflicts occur in the application of the information layer to urban space?

The seminar will approximate the answers and indicate research paths around these nodes.

  • 16:00h: Scott Rodgers (University of London – Birkbeck) – report on “platform urbanism”
  • 17:30h: Round table – Into the Black Box, Digital Stretch Marks, Sandro Mezzadra (Unibo), Alberto Vals Griz (Kingdom) participates.

info: Horizon 2020. Platform Urbanism Seminar




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