This deliverable contains the “Charter on Digital Workers’ Rights”, as a result of task 5.1 of the WP5 named “Creation of a set of digital rights specific to platform
workers”. The Charter has been drafted taking into consideration the legal framework applicable to platform workers, as described in D.5.1, as well as the specific
characteristics of platform labour and the protection needs that emerged from WP2.

The Charter seeks to provide a synthesis of the protections that platform workers need, taking into account the specific features of this form of labour, to contribute to the debate at the level of policy-making decisions and, at the same time, to become the regulatory model to be tested in Task 5.3. The first part of the deliverable (§ 2; 3; 4) explains the context in which the Charter has been developed, the scope and the methodology followed to draw up the Charter. Particular attention has been paid to explaining the functions that can be addressed by the Charter and the different paths that can be followed for its implementation in practice (§2).

The second part lists and explains the rights established by the Charter (§5, 6). The description of each of the Digital workers’ rights shows the legal basis and the
rationale that lies behind it.

Keywords: platform economy; Digital Workers Rights Chart;

Date: March 31, 2021.

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