Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Dissemination level Date
D1.1 Report on legislations at European, national and urban level and on general terms and conditions of the selected platforms Confidential M10 – October 2019
D1.2 Report on the different business typologies of digital platforms in the sharing economy Confidential M12 – December 2019
D1.3 Report on socio-historical impact of technology in the labour market Confidential M12 – December 2019
D2.1 Report on the literature review Confidential M6 – June 2019
D2.2 Report on methodological tools for the qualitative research Confidential M8 – August 2019
D2.3 Final Report on impact of technologies on workers and labour process in the platform economy Confidential M21 – September 2020
D3.1 Comparative Analytical Analysis across seven city-specific reports Confidential M30 – June 2021
D3.2 Policy brief: The impact of platform economy on local employment and business dynamics in selected industries Public M30 – June 2021
D3.3 Practices of taxation and other redistributive mechanisms at municipal level Confidential M28 – April 2021
D3.4 Guidelines for policy makers on socio-economic larger impact on urban economies Public M30 – June 2021
D3.5 Report of SOPO Lab Session 1 – European level: “Local and European regulation and taxation of Platforms” Public M38 – February 2022
D4.1 First draft of the structure of training program contents supported by methodological settlement Confidential M17 – May 2021
D4.2 MOOC (addressed to workers and to professionals) Public M36 – December 2021
D4.3 Report on new skills for platform economy and about the emerging scenarios fostered by the training program Public M36 – December 2021
D5.1 Chart on Digital Workers Rights Public M26 – February 2021
D5.2 Report on the evaluation of the pilots in Fairbnb, Katuma and Smart Confidential M30 – June 2021
D5.3 Reports of SOPO Lab Session 2 – Local level: “Labour Rights and organization in Platform Economy” Public M27 – March 2021
D5.4 Report of SOPO Lab Session 2 – European level: “Labour Rights and organization in Platform Economy” Public M31 – July 2021
D6.1 Report on methodological tools Confidential M26 – February 2021
D6.2 Report on Welfare in Platform Economies Confidential M31 – July 2021
D6.3 Discussion Paper on Local Welfare Experiences Confidential M35 – November 2021
D6.4 Report of SOPO Lab Session 3 – Local level: “How to innovate Welfare for Platform Workers” Public M37 – January 2022
D6.5 Report of SOPO Lab Session 3 – European level – “How to innovate Welfare for Platform Workers” Public M38 – February 2022
D7.1 Data Management Plan Confidential M6 – June 2019
D7.2 Dissemination & Communication Plan Confidential M4 – April 2019
D7.3 Mapping of stakeholders Confidential M6 – June 2019
D7.4 Visual identity Confidential M6 – June 2019
D7.5 Policy Brief Public M39 – March 2022
D8.1 Interim Progress report Confidential M24 – December 2020
D9.1 H – Requirement No. 2 Confidential M6 – June 2019
D9.2 POPD – Requirement No. 3 Confidential M6 – June 2019
D9.3 Appointment of Ethics Advisor Confidential M27 – March 2021
D9.4 Report from the Ethics Advisor Confidential M32 – August 2021

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