Covid-19 impact on Platform Economy: a preliminary outlook
PLUS project was presented in the context of the IV conference of SISEC (Italian Society of Economic Sociology).
Round table about Labour & Digital Platforms, in the Sharing Cities Action Lab, at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2029 (SCEWC)
Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab at the Smart City Expo Word Congress 2019 (SCEWC).

How is our society changing? How are our cities changing? New businesses or services available? New means of transport? How do all changes affect the economy? And to labor rights? Are the current laws prepared to face these situations?

… you should know that these issues are being addressed in the Project PLUS.


Address the main features of the platform economy’s impact on work, welfare and social protection through a ground-breaking trans-urban approach.


Sketch a picture of such transformation, intertwining four disruptive platforms and seven European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Lisbon, Paris, Tallin).


Research with socio-economic, legal, political and historical approach, articulates in desk analysis, field research and action research.


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